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Wix Statistics Metrics 101

Statistics Metrics 101

After you send your email campaigns, analyze their detailed statistics to track your open rates, clicks and more. This will give you deeper insights into the success of your campaigns and help you understand how you can do even better in the future. These metrics are divided into two sections. Let’s dive into each one to learn more:

Overall Statistics

Emails Sent This is the number of people your campaign was sent to. Keep in mind that Wix Email Marketing automatically reviews your recipients and removes invalid or duplicated email addresses, so this may be lower than the number of contacts in your list. Total Views These are your campaign’s total email and web views. An email view is generated when someone opens your email, and a web view is registered when someone clicks on your email campaign’s link on any online channel (like a Facebook post, for example). Remember that this stat is not unique, so the same person could potentially view your campaign multiple times and increase the number. Total Clicks These are your email campaign’s total number of clicks from both email and web traffic. Just like the total views, this figure is not unique.


Email Statistics

Delivered This is the number of emails that reached your recipients. In most cases, your campaigns will arrive right in their inboxes. Occasionally however, they may be marked as spam. Read more on how to prevent this from happening. Clicked This is the number of times that people clicked inside your email, either to view it in a browser or to click a call-to-action (CTA). Did Not Open This is the number of recipients who did not open your email. This could be because it got stuck in spam filters. Learn how to avoid being marked as a spammer here. Not Delivered This is the number of emails that bounced and could not be delivered. There are several reasons for this, including hard bounces, soft bounces and rejection by email service providers.

Email Stats

Track Your Success

Once you send 3 email campaigns, you can compare the results in the Performance graph in your Dashboard. By analyzing these email and web insights you can better optimize the content and timing of your future campaigns.


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