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At Impact Image Marketing, we help our clients connect with their customers. Our knowledge of software solutions & digital media services drive revenue and profitability by creating user friendly systems that help streamline your business.

We offer integrated digital marketing solutions for your business. We are driven by our passion for understanding and evolving the digital marketplace & by our curiosity to explore new strategies.

We create out of the box solutions that inspire business growth & generate ROI. We strive at creating digital systems that are compelling, innovative & harness energetic, resourceful, & responsive philosophy for success. We strive to achieve partnerships with our clients that accomplish like minded goals through integrated solutions & forward thinking strategies.

We provide you with digital equity to assist in sustaining long term Digital Marketing solutions for your business.

Digital Equity provides you with the digital tools, resources, & services to increase your digital knowledge, awareness & skills.










  1. As we know these things take time and money which in turn = your digital equity. Your Digital Value drivers.

In short “we also teach you how to fish!”

At Impact Image Marketing we strive to help our clients create a compelling digital presence & provide long lasting digital equity. We engage with our clients and understand user behaviors to create an impressive and rewarding experience.

We look forward to working with you.

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Impat Image Marketing Las Vegas
Josh Capenter | Impact Image Marketing

Josh Carpenter

Speaker / Coach / Trainer / Consultant / Technical Adviser / Humanitarian

Meet Josh carpenter AKA Mr Blue! Social Media Guru, Technology Educator, Marketing Ninja, Public Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Practitioner, Humanitarian, & Philosopher! (Learn More at

Since the day Josh got his first MS DOS Desktop at the age of 12, he has been fascinated with technology ever since. It was also at that time he discovered it was his passion to be a business owner and impact the world with something revolutionary!

After High School Josh joined the United States Navy to serve his country & learn some amazing skills along the way! Following The Navy he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Business Administration.

In 2011 he Started his first company “Social Network Marketing Consulting” which helped bring local businesses together using various social networks. All while educating and assisting them to get on the social media map!

Now Josh continues to grow his passion with his company called Impact Image Marketing, Inc.! It is here that he has assisted, trained, consulted, collaborated & joint ventured with various Public Figures, Authors, Tech Companies, & business owners all over the world!
(Learn More at

"I truly believe we are at the forefront of the Social Media Revolution where the internet is you. A place of pure emotion & Genuine connection. Our experiences magnified a hundred times, A place where we find love, Friends, Family and True feeling!

We have unlocked the WORLD, the future we create will have no boundaries of language. Imagine what we have achieved thus far. The next generation of social media is coming. Remember that you were here and create the internet of you! Because tomorrow is the future that we all share."


~ Josh Carpenter


About Impact Image Marketing

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