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Getting Started with Wix Email Marketing

Getting Started with Wix Email Marketing

Wix Email Marketing is a platform that makes it simple to create, send and share stunning email marketing campaigns for your customers. Built with the unique needs of small business owners in mind, we give you the tools to create and customize beautiful emails, manage your mailing lists and track your campaign success. Best of all, you can use Wix Email Marketing for free for as long as you want. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create an Email Campaign

Our intuitive Editor makes it easy to customize text, design and more in minutes. From beautiful sale announcements to gorgeous invitations, get the word out to your audience just the way you want.

Create an Email Campaign

Add Anything

The Add panel gives you everything you need at your fingertips: text boxes, images, buttons, videos, a signup form and so much more. And definitely check out our extensive collection of free, high-quality images, too. It's simple to add and arrange them in your campaign for a great look.

Choose Your Style

With the Style panel, transform your campaign in a click by choosing a gorgeous style. Go further by picking a background, fonts and colors you love.

Preview and Test

Make sure to preview your campaign before you continue. It’s a good idea to also send yourself a test email. See something you want to change? Go back to the Editor. Get in-depth tips on how to customize your campaigns here.

Step 2: Manage Your Mailing List

An updated mailing list is the key to your email marketing success. It’s important to keep it clean, and only reach out to engaged customers who gave you permission to keep them updated (users who have opted-in). This way your emails are less likely to be marked as spam and more likely to be opened. With Wix Email Marketing it’s simple to create your mailing list by importing your contacts and storing their details in a snap.

Manage Your Mailing List

Create Your List

Import your contacts’ email addresses from your Gmail account or saved CSV files; you can also add individual contacts. If you already have Wix contacts, they’ll automatically show up in your mailing list. Make sure to only include people who have agreed to receive emails from you. This will help increase your deliverability rates - meaning that your emails will end up in the Inbox and not get caught in the spam filter.

Grow Your List From Your Website:

Use the Subscribe form to your website and turn your visitors into subscribers. From Wix Email Marketing: Add a signup form to every campaign and make it easy for new readers to subscribe.

Organize Your List

Personalize your emails by creating specific contact Filters so you can send them tailored messages. These targeted campaigns are an excellent way to connect with your audience and get them excited with more exclusive content. For example, separate contacts into 12 Birthday Month Filters and send special coupons only to those celebrating that month. Learn more about managing your list here.

Step 3: Send & Share Email Campaigns

Once you’ve finished adding your contacts, send your campaign. Spread the word to a wider audience by sharing it on your social media networks.

Send & Share Email Campaigns

Send It as an Email

Raise your deliverability rates by using a From name and Reply-to email that your contacts will recognize. Be sure to grab their attention with an eye-catching subject line.

Go Social

Spread the word to more people by sharing your campaign on popular social networks. Find out more about sending and sharing your email campaign here.

Step 4: Discover Your Dashboard

Create and manage your email campaigns in your Email Marketing dashboard, get must-read pro tips, an overview of your monthly balance, quick links to recent emails and more.

Discover Your Dashboard

Get Started

New to Wix Email Marketing? Dive in with our fact-filled articles and tips. This is a great way to learn how to set up your email marketing strategy, build your mailing list, create quality emails and get your message out there.

See Your Balance

Check if you have a free monthly balance. If you’re a free user, view the number of emails you can send each month - and easily upgrade anytime to send more.

View Your Most Recent Campaign

Take a look at the results of the last email campaign you published and get helpful insights; anything urgent will appear in red. To view more details click “Check stats”. Want to save time on your next email? Go ahead and reuse a campaign (the emails you send will count towards your current balance).

Work on Your Latest Draft

Quickly resume editing your most recent draft in a click.

Analyze Your Performance

Compare the results of several campaigns at once with side-by-side insights into opens, clicks, and email and web views.

Manage Your Automated Emails

View your active Automated Emails and see how many have been sent. To get more details, click on any of your automated emails or go to Automations.

Track Your Subscribers

Keep an eye on your mailing list growth by viewing the number of subscribers you have in your contact list (subscribers are people who personally opted-in to receive your emails). Read more about managing your campaigns here.

Step 5: Your Ascend Plan

A free Ascend plan gives you everything you need to get started. When you’re ready to expand your reach and give your emails a more professional look upgrade your plan.

Grow Your Limit

Upgrade anytime to increase the number of emails you can create and send so you can always keep the conversation going.

Connect Your Domain

Boost brand awareness by connecting your campaign URLs to your Wix website domain.

Create A Wix Website

Remove Ads

Keep the focus on your business by removing all Wix ads. Learn more about upgrading your Ascend plan here.


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