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Parler Is Back Up & Has Re-launched Their New Site!

Parler Is Back Up & Has Relaunched Their New Site!

Henderson Nevada based Social Network, Parler re-launches their new site! The Parler media community returns with a platform designed on sustainable, independent technology and guided by new leadership.

(Henderson, NV—February 15, 2021) Parler, the world’s #1 free speech social media platform with over 20 million users, is announcing its official relaunch today, built on sustainable, independent technology and not reliant on so-called “Big Tech” for its operations. Parler’s relaunch—open to Americans of all viewpoints—is available immediately.

“Parler was built to offer a social media platform that protects free speech and values privacy and civil discourse. When Parler was taken offline in January by those who desire to silence tens of millions of Americans, our team came together, determined to keep our promise to our highly engaged community that we would return stronger than ever. We’re thrilled to welcome everyone back,” stated Mark Meckler, Interim CEO at Parler. “Parler is being run by an experienced team and is here to stay. We will thrive as the premier social media platform dedicated to free speech, privacy and civil dialogue.”

Parler Facts

  • Parler was first launched in August of 2018 and was taken offline by AWS on Jan. 10, 2021. Parler relaunched on Feb. 15, 2021.

  • Parler’s new platform is built on robust, sustainable, independent technology.

  • Parler’s launch is intended to bring it back online for its current users only in the first week, with new users being able to sign up starting the following week.

  • Parler’s Executive Committee is conducting a thorough search for a permanent CEO to lead Parler as it continues to grow and expand its reach and impact.

  • Mark Meckler is the interim CEO of Parler and Amy Peikoff is the Chief Policy Officer of Parler.

About Interim CEO Mark Meckler

Mark Meckler is an attorney, entrepreneur, and free speech advocate. He has expertise in launching, growing and developing effective business and technology models for two of the largest grassroots organizations in modern American history, Tea Party Patriots and Convention of States. He was appointed interim CEO to help guide Parler through its relaunch and search for a new, permanent CEO.

About Parler

Parler LLC is the world’s #1 free speech social media platform. Launched in 2018, Parler offers a world class user experience and a diverse community of users with a wide array of viewpoints, united by their common celebration of freedom of speech, privacy and civil discourse in the digital age.


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