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We The People, Have The Right To Freedom of Speech on The Internet

Freedom of Speech on the internet

There are many things I can sight over my time as a White Hat Hacker & Hacktivist, however i'm going to point out some things over the years. Battles we won & battles we lost. But no matter what, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, & Always Expect Us!

~ We Are The Voice, By The People For The People!

Here is a look back in history at movements of our fight for Freedom of Speech

Creative Commons – Aaron Schwartz 2001

Net Neutrality (This is a Fight We Lost, However we still continue to fight!)

Battle For The Net


Learn about the The History of Hacktivist

Freedom of Speech

Here are some tips and tools that may help you on your journey to our fight for freedom of speech!

What to do when using social media platforms

Facebook / IG / Youtube & More

Rule #1 – NEVER USE an account you care about. This means you may have an account that you have built up for years that expresses your identity. If so, great. Keep using it to share stuff about yourself. But do not use it for any other purpose. I call this “Staying Under The Radar”

Rule #2 – Create an Alias account. This is an account that you create to express your freedom of speech, beliefs, or anything else you would like to say.


  • create a new email with your Alias name. (Never your real name)

  • Use a different password than you normally do.

  • Use an image related to your Alias name. Example: 007 (James Bond)

  • Never connect your mobile phone to your account. Skip that step. If it requires one, use a VOIP

  • Never use your alias account on a mobile device. GPS enabled devices are a dead give away. If you have Android you can use a GPS Spoofing App

  • When using a desktop or laptop browser, be sure to use an incognito window

IP Spoofing

Remember, with Freedom of Speech Comes Great Responsibility

(Be Kind To Each Other! All You Need Is Love!)

We have unlocked the WORLD, the future we create will have no boundaries of language. Imagine what we have achieved thus far. The next generation of social media is coming. Remember that you were here and create the internet of you! Because tomorrow is the future that we all share."

~ Josh Carpenter


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