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The Social Dilemma Documentary Review From A Content Creator Point of View

The Social Dilemma
The Social Dilemma on Netflix

After watching this documentary on Netflix last week, I needed time to process all of the info & do a little research before writing this blog. In my research I saw that there were endless articles, blogs, videos, images, & much more. Each piece of content holding a different perception of what the viewer consumed.

Now that I have has some time to reflect on the video, the reactions, & over all message, here is what I would like to touch on from a Social Media Developer, Manager, & Content Creator point of view.

The Social Dilemma
  1. The Message

  2. The Fear

  3. The Addiction (Dopamine Rush)

  4. The Future of Social Networking & Your Data

  5. Accepting, Adapting, & Evolving Through This Technological Revolution

  6. How To Navigate Through The Digital Landscape

  7. Understanding The Power of Choice & Human Behavior

The Social Dilemma

The Message

The Social Dilemma explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

The Fear

  • Personal Privacy

  • Lack of Knowledge

  • Cause & Effect

  • Addiction & many more

Social Media Addiction

The Addiction

As I talked about in my previous blog back in 2018 titled “Our World Today: The Paradox of Choice & Dopamine”. Technology is an addiction like any other addiction. Most humans have an addiction to something weather good or bad. Like an addiction to coffee, movies, drinking, drugs, or sex. But there are also good addictions without excess like, Exercise, Diet, learning, & more.

Social Media Has Become A Big Part of the Human & Business Identity. It's Here To Stay & Growing!!!
~ Josh Carpenter
Impact Image Marketing


The Future of Social Networking

Anybody who has used Social Media for business know about the analytics & the enormous amounts of data points for each person. When analytics first started becoming available on social platforms it was an industry secret. Then when advertising hit it became mainstream & the business industry started to quickly adapt. First big business, then mid-sized business, & now small business. With this in my it was apparent to me that a cretin part of my life would be exposed for all the data brokers to buy & sell. I just decided that the content I put out & the digital footprint I leave makes an Impact, hence our company name, Impact Image Marketing. In addition, when you learn how to use the tools you know how to keep public, public & private, private. Search any of the experts in this video and see what they are allowing you to see because they know how to use the tools they created.

Technology Evolution

How To Navigate The Digital Landscape

So what's next? Human & AI adaptation. It is already happening whether you know it or not. These platforms & devices are learning your behaviors. Now that you know this, think of it like from this perspective, AI & your use is like a child, what you do the child will mimic & that will follow you through your entire digital footprint (Memories). What the child sees the child does. In this case your devices & AI. What message are you putting out their for your AI child to duplicate? Is it good or bad. Will it come back to haunt you? Use it for good or use it for bad, the choice is yours.

The Power of Choice

Understanding The Power of Choice & Human Behavior

If you are a person asking yourself how can I get more control of this in my life. My advice would be to learn the tools. Understand what it is you are doing & understand that this transition will have some sacrifices But the benefits can outweigh the sacrifices.

Be mindful of how the technology uses you & how you use the technology. Stay in control of your actions. Don't give into every technical urge unless it is growing you.

The best quote of the entire documentary!

"If you are not paying for the product, you are the product! "

That says it all!

Check out!


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