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Save Time & Money | Avoid Building Your Brand on Facebook

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

10 years ago I was convinced that Facebook was the end all, be all. However, over the years I have learned & experienced way too many issues stacking up over the years. For me, it started in 2016 with censoring content. Then when I would come up with hacks to get around the censorship I was strong-armed into compliance. But since I had invested so many digital assets (Content, Followers, etc.) I decided to keep going! So I limited my posts to business use only & stopped using Facebook for personal reasons.

In the video below, tech developers share the dangers that they saw when working on platforms like Facebook. See what the experts are warning!

So maybe you are asking yourself? Since Tesla deleted their Facebook page I have to delete my account?

No, what I'm saying is to be aware of everything that's going on. Those that are not in the tech industry, may not know all the details.

This knowledge is increasingly growing as more than 1 in 4 Americans are deleting their Facebook accounts.

My advice here is simple:

  • Be Aware of what platforms are doing with your data & the ethics surrounding those platforms.

  • Don't build your business foundation on Facebook. Have a website or use more trusted platforms like Linkedin.

  • Stay in control of your time & limit your time spent on platforms like Facebook for your business.

  • Do your research & get advice from people you trust in your network.

If you choose to delete your Facebook Pages or accounts, I would recommend transitioning slowly. Especially if you have a large network of 2500 to 5000 connections.

Access the connections in your network & select the ones that are important or that you would like to reconnect with. Once you have your list, look for those people on Linkedin or other trusted networks. Send those people a direct message letting them know that you would like to connect with them on another network. Most people are on at least 3 different platforms.

If you have a website, it is highly recommended that you have your network in your CRM (Customer Response Management). This keeps you in full control of your business conversations.

If you need assistance or advice, please book your free 30-minute consultation, & we can review your options.


Facebook is comprised of 3 companies, Facebook, Instagram, & What's App. These are the platforms you want to limit use with.

As always, I recommend you do your research. However I have highlighted a few articles. See below:

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