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If Content Is King Then Social Sharing Is Queen

Content Is King

We should never under estimate the power of Social Sharing! When we create content and share it to the rooftops of every social networking site we never know it's full potential. However if you don't create fresh content on a regular basis then your odds of being found dramatically drop. There is no short cutting this. If you are not willing to pay for content and social sharing then you want the DIY of content creation.

At this point there are over 113 types of content. Digital Media is a powerful tool that is highly under estimated. Content holds its value when its resourceful & true. When it comes to organic SEO video is still the leader!

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a great way to attract attention to your message or product!

You may have seen one!

Jonathan Perelman Agrees With Us!

Video provided by 99U

How do you create content if you are not tech savvy?

There are many ways to create content, here are a few FREE online tools

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