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How To Create a Telegram Group in 6 Easy Steps

How to Create Telegram Group

Telegram is one of the finest texting applications for both private and public group communication. Perhaps you've been a part of several Telegram-based online communities and are considering launching your own. Or maybe you just want to establish a group chat with your friends to keep things secret and safe while being as funny as you like.

Are you, however, prepared to take on the position of Telegram group administrator? You must first establish a Telegram group. This article briefly explains to you how to create a new group in Telegram.

How To Create A Telegram Group By "Tech Junkies"

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Create a Telegram Group in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram app You may download Telegram, which is a mobile messaging app.

  • If you have an Android smartphone, you may get it through Google Play. We can get it through the App Store on Apple devices.

  • By providing a new user name and phone number, you may create a Telegram account. For verification, you will be emailed an OTP code.

  • This tutorial will show you how to make a Telegram account for the first time.

Step 2- Tap on the edit icon at the bottom right corner, Tap on the small pencil, & select new group.

  • You'll see all your chats and groups on this page.

  • You can chat with your contacts from here.

  • You can write new messages by clicking that pencil.

Telegram New Group

Step 3- Tap on “new group” and a new screen will open up.

  • You can create a new group.

  • You can also create a new secret channel.

Select Telegram participants

Step 4- Select participants to add to the group. After clicking the new group, select your members.

  • You can add new members to your new group.

  • You can select any number of contacts you want.

  • If not now, you can add them after creating the group at any time.

Name Your Telegram Group - Impact Image Marketing

Step 5- Enter a name for your group & tap on the tick icon Now a new page opens up.

  • Now you can give a name to your group

  • You can also add your display picture to your group.

  • You can choose your image from the gallery to display pictures.

  • Choose an appropriate name that fits your group theme.

Telegram Group Created


The Public Telegram group can have up to 200,000 members and every member of the group can use the permanent link to post it anywhere on the internet and invite other people to join. Creating a public and private group on Telegram is surprisingly similar.


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