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Firefox & Brave Square Off With Facebook

Firefox & Brave Square Off With Facebook

Have you ever been in Facebook jail? Have you been Shadow Banned by Facebook? If you said yes then this is for you! It is no surprise to American's that Facebook has crossed the ethical boundaries for its users. Firefox & Brave have been at the forefront of keeping your privacy a top priority. Firefox started addressing these issues back in 2018 & Brave followed. Firefox then launched "The Facebook Container" browser extension. This extension prevents Facebook from tracking other sites you visit on their browsers.

Facebook Grand Theft Data

Facebook then sells this data to advertisers & monitors your account. If they find something they disagree with then they will flag your post & cut off your right to free speech. They do this to individuals, businesses, communities, & their competitors. Facebook is comprised of Black Hats who find every way to still your time & money.


However the "Free Speech Revolution" Has Begun with more and more Americans finding ways to protect themselves from Facebook's ongoing malicious activity.

As of Feb. 2022 Firefox Reported over 400M users & Brave reported 50M users. This does not count the number of new social sites popping up. With sites like Gettr, Rumble, Bitchute, Parler, MeWe, Minds, & so many more.

They Completely Failed': Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts GOP Over Big Tech Failures

Protect Your Family & Yourself Today! See resource links below.


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