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Social Media Evaluation Services


Social media is evolving at an incredible pace. Most of us have no idea how to participate optimally in this unique social channel.


I want to propose a framework you can use to measure success using metrics that matter for one simple reason: They actually measure if you are participating in the channel in an optimal fashion.

Isn't that revolutionary? Use data to incentivise our companies to do the right thing by measuring what matters, what makes this channel so unique.

No more embarrassing your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube. And we build out a loyal cadre of followers / friends / subscribers to boot!

So what actually matters in Social Media?

Not the number of Friends / Followers / Subscribers. Not the number of posts / tweets. Not the ridiculous Followers to Following ratio. Not the… well there are so many horrible ones to choose from.

What matters is everything that happens after you post / tweet / participate!

Did you grab attention? Did you deliver delight? Did you cause people to want to share? Did you initiate a discussion? Did you cause people to take an action? Did your participation deliver economic value?

Social Media Evaluations are a great way to get a social check up.


We evaluate the following social platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google +

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • Tumblr

  • Flickr


Here are some of the benefits of our evaluations:


  • Evaluate the right platform for your business

  • Find out who your target market is

  • Social engagement analytics and suggestions

  • Measure social media exposure

  • Lead generation and network size

  • Facebook Ad Analytics


Here's how it works. We sit down and meet with you and go over the details of your social accounts. We start with the ones that work the best the evaluate what's not working in the others. The goal of this service is to see where you are at now so you can focus where you want to be.


Meet With Our Social Media Experts 

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