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Social Media Assistance Services

Is social media confusing to you?


No matter what your level is, we can help. From first timers to more advanced users, we offer the knowledge and tools to help make your online presence a success. With all of the constant changes to social media it can be challenging to keep up. We help simplify social media and guide you through the process by starting an evaluation of your current social media knowledge. Then we start at the foundation of each social platform and build it with content, contact, & connections. Learning to navigate each platform is vital to getting the most out of your social media. We provide tools, tips, and techniques that work!


Each session is 2 hours, we go over a lot of information and we don't want to overwhelm you with to much. However we do move at your pace to make leaning more enjoyable.

We have 3 packages to choose from


5 Hours of Coaching, Training, & Assistance


1 FREE Bonus hour


(Total of 3 Sessions)











Cost $150

10 Hours of Coaching, Training, & Assistance


2 FREE Bonus hour


(Total of 6 Sessions)

Cost $300

15 Hours of Coaching, Training, & Assistance


3 FREE Bonus hour


(Total of 9 Sessions

Cost $450

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