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Use Wix Email Automation to Engage Site Visitors

Use Email Automation to Engage Site Visitors

Automated Emails is an easy-to-use tool that automatically sends emails to your site visitors when they do certain actions - you know, like join your mailing list or make a product purchase. And by ‘automatically’ we mean you can just sit back and let us do the work. All you need to do is tell us which ones you want to use and when to send them.

Whether you want to welcome new subscribers, thank people for contacting you or draw buyers back with exclusive coupons, we make it simple to interact with anyone at just the right moment.

Wix Email Automation

Benefits of Automated Emails

Take a look at how Automated Emails can help you and your business: Personalize Your Engagement Automated Emails makes it incredibly simple to create and send personalized messages to individual visitors. While mass emails are a great way to get the word out to large groups at once, there are times when it’s better to engage with people one-on-one. By reaching out with targeted and relevant content, you can also generate higher open and click rates.

Save Time Create Automated Emails in advance to save minutes during your busy days. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing and send an email every time a visitor takes a certain action. This way you can really focus on your business and concentrate on what’s important. Track Your Success Easily track the number of views, clicks and more of every Automated Email you create. This will help you monitor your performance and understand how to optimize your campaigns.

Popular Automated Emails

Check out a few types of Automated Emails you can set up:


Welcome New Subscribers This Automated Email is a super useful way to engage with brand-new subscribers and give them the warm greeting they deserve. As a first interaction it’ll help you pave the road to positive relationships and make them feel good about their decision to sign up.

Thank Site Visitors for Contacting You

When a visitor contacts you on your site, it’s always a good idea to follow up immediately by acknowledging their message. This assures them that you received their comment or question, and also shows your appreciation for the time they took to write to you. Make sure to never overlook this important step by timing this Automated Email to be sent as soon as they get in touch with you.

Invite Customers to Redeem a Coupon in Your Online Store If you have an online store, you know that gaining - and keeping - a loyal clientele is a top priority. Automated Emails makes it simple to automatically send coupons and discounts to new and current customers. This can help you build powerful relationships and motivate them to start shopping.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing at the Right Pace

Sending highly relevant emails to your site visitors is one of the keys to running a successful business. With Automated Emails you can engage with people immediately with minimal effort. Reaching out with targeted messages will help you effectively communicate, save time and build strong relationships.


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