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The Bonsai Effect: End What's Holding You Back By Frederick Krasey

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The Bonsai Effect

I recently watched "The Bonsai Effect" Mini Movie by Frederick Krasay. The best way to help the world is to work on yourself. Just imagine for a moment that everyone in the world is living their purpose & living a fulfilling life. Now think of how we would all treat each other. People would feel so good that they want others to experience what they have achieved. The Roots of the Bonsai starts with us & grows outward.

"Are you feeling like your whole life is just a dream? You're thinking you're awake and just coming out from a dream where you have been conditioned since birth. You awake becoming aware of your surroundings, the societal madness and suffering that governs your unconscious life.

If just like me, you wondered why you are suffering the pain of the way things are, then this movie might be the push that you need to wake you up. It is a journey that helps you become more consciously aware and realize what is holding us all back.

If you feel like you need to know further after watching this video, we have a FREE Book at where some of the principles of "The Bonsai Effect" is discussed in Chapter 6 of "The Keys to Happiness and Self-Love". Kindle versions in English and Spanish languages are available on Amazon.

FREE Copies for other languages such as Hindi and Tagalog if pdf format are also available." Click Here For More Information

Don't forget to check out Freddy's Podcast Click Here

Freddy's Podcast

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