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Now Is The Time Business Owners & Thought Leaders

Now Is The Time Business Owners & Thought Leaders

This is a call to arms for all Business Owners & Thought Leaders! Now is the time to grow your business. Whatever you do during this pandemic, don't stay stagnant & do nothing. This blog will help you with ideas for growing your business, developing your programs, crafting your message, & transitioning to virtual solutions.

The first question you may be asking yourself is, “Where Do I Start”? Like all business development it starts with an idea & a strategy. Then create a plan of action with a goal in mind. Remember that nobody knows your business as well as you so if you have someone assisting you make sure you communicate your needs & challenges. You can brainstorm ideas with people you trust to get feedback & solutions for the areas you are blocked on.


Here are a few ideas on possible things you could work on!

  • Digital Content – Flyers, Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, or Program content

  • Organize Your Digital Files – Clean Up, Organize, & Backup on a External Hard Drive & The Cloud.

  • Work On Your List – As we know a business owners list is one of the most valuable assets we have. Keep your CRM's up to date & continue growing your list with various opt in campaigns.

  • Work On Your Website – This is the time to do a little spring cleaning on your site. Work on updating your Keyword strategy, add fresh content, Write a blog communicating to current/potential clients, & revise your services to be more virtual is possible.

  • Public Relations / Customer Service – During these times transparency is everything. With things like GDPR, Privacy, & TOS we must openly communicate with our clients, partners, colleagues, & peers. Follow up with all your clients old & new. Touch base with all your partners & continue virtually networking.

  • Set Up Virtual Services & Tools – This is a great time to setup accounts on sites like Google Hangouts, Duo, Free Conference Call, Zoom, & so many more!

This is a great time to create solutions for the changing environment. New products, Services, & programs. Continue working on what you are passionate about! The world needs your creativity & ingenuity to help fuel our economic landscape. Now that big business is limited, this is our time to THRIVE!


Keep Pushing & Pulling Your Resources. Do it with no money or little money. Just Work with what you have, What you know, & towards what you want.


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