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Meet The Founder & Visionary at Impact Image Marketing

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Meet Josh Carpenter (Mr Blue)

Meet Josh Carpenter AKA Mr Blue! Wix Webmaster, Social Media Developer, Technology Educator, Marketing Ninja, Public Speaker, DJ, Entertainer, Media Personality, Business Developer, Systems Builder, Spiritual Practitioner, Humanitarian, & Philosopher! (Learn More at Since the day Josh got his first MS DOS Desktop at the age of 12, he has been fascinated with technology ever since. It was also at that time he discovered it was his passion to be a business owner and impact the world with something revolutionary! After High School Josh joined the United States Navy to serve his country & learn some amazing skills along the way! Following The Navy he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Business Administration. In 2011 he Started his first company “Social Network Marketing Consulting” which helped bring local businesses together using various social networks. All while educating and assisting them to get on the social media map! Now Josh continues to grow his passion with his company called Impact Image Marketing, Inc.! It is here that he has assisted, trained, consulted, collaborated & joint ventured with various Public Figures, Authors, Tech Companies, & business owners all over the world! (See below)

As a Local Business Leader Josh has done many interviews. (View links below)

"I truly believe we are at the forefront of a Technical Revolution where the internet is you. A place of pure emotion & Genuine connection. Our experiences magnified a hundred times, by the people's lives we change! We have unlocked the WORLD, the future we create will have no boundaries of language. Imagine what we have achieved thus far. The next generation of Websites & Business Development is HERE. Remember that you were here and create the internet of your brand! Because tomorrow is the future that we all share." ~ Josh Carpenter

Josh Carpenter
Be Part of Something Bigger

Past Organizational Affiliations


Back in 2013, Josh Carpenter was Nominated for the Distinguished Women & Men of Nevada Award.

Josh carpenter
Video Edited by Josh Carpenter
Our Motto at Impact Image Marketing. Quote by Josh carpenter
Impact Image marketing

Here is a list of Companies that Josh has helped scale & Develop over the years.

Impact Image Marketing logo

This is Where We Start!

Let's take a look at your WordPress Site & see why you may want to make the switch!

Our Reach at Impact Image Marketing

Social Networking

Josh has been a Social Media Developer, Manager, Beta Tester, Content Creator, & Social Networking Guru! Since his 10 year he currently is on over 50 + Social networking Sites. He has over 15 Facebook Groups, 13 Facebook pages, & website traffic. Josh has built a network of over 125,000 people spread over 50 Networks. We have currently started teaming up with other content contributors. We utilize our reach to boost your brand & we have had a lot of experience along the way.

Follow Mr Blue, DJ Blue, & Mr Blue TV! Let's Get Social With Mr Blue Aired in 2015!

Building Communities

One World Healing
In 2017 Josh collaborated with 17 Alternative Healing Practitioners in Las Vegas & Created One World Healing! The website is no longer secure but you can access the community website. The project has been on hold since 2019. However, This was our vision for the world & the local Las Vegas Community!

Did you know that Josh has helped his clients get into the media? Josh started his Media Relations & Digital Public Relations work back in 2014. Here are just a couple of clients Josh has featured in the News!

This is a featured media broadcast for Service Tracking Systems.
This is Body Language Expert Patricia Townsend

A year later Josh had teamed up with Luminosity Wellness Radio. We broadcasted on Internet Radio & local AM Radio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click Here to watch all 16 episodes or click play below to view our pilot.

DJ Blue

Josh is also a DJ who has been entertaining Las Vegas since 2001. He now features his talents at & can be found performing for local community events. Josh also utilizes his Fan Base To feature his clients. Being an entertainer he has made many connections to help your next event go off with out a hitch! Follow DJ Blue on YouTube & Facebook!

Impact Image Marketing
Impact Image Marketing's Partners
Wix partners

Josh has worked with Local Nevada State Programs & Helped Scale Their Soft Skills Program! In addition to being a Certified Job Coach & Job Developer he has been a Soft Skills trainer for the past 3 years.This has been his way of giving back to the local Community during their time of need. Josh has worked at every level to help provide you with the best results for your business or organization.


VOC Rehab

Inspire Career Services

Andura, Inc. Business Development Project

This project started in Fall of 2021 & was scheduled for a 6 month time frame. Below is a list of segments I built out.

  • Website Design & Development

  • E commerce & drop shipping set up

  • Wrote the Affiliate Program & streamlined the process

  • Researched & wrote a majority of the blogs

  • Created, setup, & maintained all social networks

  • Designed all marketing material both digital & print

  • Created Logo & worked on brand image / reputation

  • Set up shopper rewards program & e-gift card

  • Set up email automation & set shopping triggers

  • Completed website SEO & Indexed to 3 search engines

  • Set up Amazon Prime account, managed inventory, created ads, & maintained account in good standing

  • Setup Ebay Account

  • Administrative back office set up & maintenance

  • & much more

View Andura, Inc. at



Josh Carpenter

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile blog. These last 10 years have been amazing for me & my business. The experiences I have learned along the way has made me a valuable asset to my clients & I value my 10 year clients that have been with me & continue to use our services. Our clients have been the greatest part of this journey for me. I look forward to see what the next 10 years is going to look like. I'm excited to see what we create!

Josh Carpenter

CEO / Founder

Impact Image Marketing

Follow Josh @ Blog | Linkedin | Facebook | Youtube

DJ Blue Entertainment

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