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First Friday's Return To Downtown Las Vegas In 2021

They're now officially back at full capacity! Next event is August 6th at 1025 S 1st St. Please visit to check for future updates and information about coming events. Las Vegas Local Business Owners are ecstatic to return to our local culture and community once again. Everyone taking all proper health and safety protocols to keep the good times rolling.

A majority of Las Vegans know First Friday: a monthly event that showcases local artists, musicians, makers and more. They provide a platform where everyone can celebrate our local culture and creativity in all its forms. While they are best known for they're monthly arts & culture festivals held in the Las Vegas Arts District, the First Friday Foundation extends its community outreach efforts well beyond the first Friday of each month. The First Friday Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local arts, culture, and education. For over seventeen years, the Foundation has put significant effort into providing artistic opportunities for thousands of students in the Clark County School District through creative empowerment assemblies, contests, and income-based opportunities.


The Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration

We are all energy, a play of vibrations elevating our consciousness and rooting us into physical realms. In every being, these two forces wax and wane, inspiring us and then moving us to action. Traditionally, the more intuitive energy is referred to as feminine and the more grounded energy as masculine. This bracelet taps into the divine feminine energy in all of us. It aligns our thoughts with our inner knowing.

The answers are already within – we need to listen to this knowing to discover our inner gifts, beauty and light. Tapping into this abundance of love and wisdom, the next steps in our journey become clear and lessons are learned from past experiences. Only through this intuiting are we able to grow into the divine beings we already are in the depths of our soul. Use this bracelet to tap into this great wealth of knowledge within, unleashing divine feminine energy that allows you to express the radiant being you already are: the Goddess Within.

light and love ali


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